The other resident of Fort Knox



The details of the Amanda Knox case create the perfect recipe for a ripped-from-the-headlines Lifetime original movie. A baby-faced American student finances her own study abroad trip to Italy. Trip ends with her pinned as the number one suspect in her British roommate’s grisly murder. And the fact that the possible murder cause was a “sex game gone wrong” creates limitless opportunity for an overwrought flashback scene in true Lifetime movie fashion.

If Devil With An Angel Face: The Amanda Knox Story gets greenlit, locals might have a good reason — besides the high potential for awesomeness — to watch. Reports on Knox’s first post-conviction press comments include an interesting detail: her cellmate is a 53-year-old woman from New Orleans serving four years on drug charges.

No word yet on the woman’s identity or on what drug-related crimes she committed in Italy, but we do know that the Italian jail — with its amenities including private bathrooms and weekly salon services — certainly beats the OPP.


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