Rob Couhig makes it official: He's running for mayor


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Rob Couhig, who has been aggressively running for mayor without actually declaring his intention to run, made it official tonight with a "Tele-Town Hall" conference call and an official announcement on his newly minted Facebook page, where he laid out his platform:

I will use these four conservative guidelines to make decisions as your mayor:

1. Will it make our City more Livable?

2. Will it make our City more Affordable?

3. How does it affect Economic Opportunity?

4. Is it Fair?

By using this matrix, we can Attack the issue of crime and integrity in the police department; Battle blight and multi-million dollar budget deficits by resisting the short term easy out of raising taxes; and, Create jobs for everyone who wants to work.

Like the six others in the race, Couhig is racing to compete on the social-media front, which means you can now friend him on Facebook, read his blog (pretty empty so far), check out his Web site ... and, of course, follow his every move on the Tweeter tubes.


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