In case you get sick of the Monday Night Football theme...


Finn McCools


Photograph by Jonathan Bachman


We're at a point in this incredible Saints' season that, so long as they keep winning, every game is the biggest game of the year. Right now, every game we're looking at continues the possibility of a perfect regular season and pretty soon it'll be playoff time and each game will determine if this is a championship team. For now though, we have Monday Night Football against the New England Patriots.


With many Saints fans attending the game probably beginning their pre-game festivities sometime on Sunday (and really, it seems like the entire city is just counting down until kick off) I'd like to kindly submit "About the Saints" from the band Sick Like Sinatra. Pictured above is lead singer Heber Dunaway leading a group of Saints through the song at Finn McCool's back on the 22nd.

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