Excellence in Coming Out The Door


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We are in the height of second line season - the good good parades. Today, Lady Buckjumpers. Next week, Dumaine Street Gang followed by The Big Nine. Last week it was 9 Times - The Kings of the Ninth Ward an ‘nem. There was so much that was working for this parade but their coming out the door presentation was the most spectacular this year. First off, I love the tore back-ness of the hollow stone building they come out of. Its practically gothic - only thing missing is a moat and drawbridge. The Stooges Brass Band playing ‘The World Is A Ghetto - Gorgeous!! They really made those horns cry. But those suits!! I know everyone is happy about having a Black President and all but I draw the line at wearing a red, white and blue outfit cause it always looks a wreck. Somehow these brothers took those same colors one should never be caught dead in and make it all look brand new. That 9 Times Limited Edition Pimp’s Sunday Cane is already a favorite of mine. People, this is how you come out the door! This is all kinds of YES!!!

The Lady Nine Times Attire? Eh. But what the sistas lacked in fly attire, they made up for with the senior sisters finale. At the 2:05 mark, somebody’s Maw Maw. We could all learn a thing or two about partying from Maw Maw cause clearly she knows WTH to do. I’m hooking up with her next week and we’re going to Harrah’s to play bid whist, guzzle down free gin and tonics, fill up at that all-you-can-eat buffet, and pelvic thrust with the old mac playas to Bobby Womack and Jodeci songs. This is Foundation Formula One on the New Orleans Get Every Drop of Fun Out of Life Before You Go Diet and Action Plan.


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