Rep. Anh "Joseph" Cao in Sunday New York Times magazine


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The New York Times' Deborah Solomon (who's drawn her own questions for her questioning style), sits down for a Q&A with Rep. Anh "Joseph" Cao in this Sunday's Times Magazine. Naturally, his health-care vote is top of the agenda. A couple (actually, three) highlights:

A first-term congressman from New Orleans, you are the one and only Republican in the House who voted in favor of the Democrats’ health care plan. Have you been scolded by the Republicans for breaking rank?

Not my party leadership, but only by Republicans all over the United States who are disappointed with my vote. But not at all from the party leadership.

Did you support the bill to curry favor with your constituents? You represent a mostly black district that is among the poorest in the nation.

This is a personal position of mine. I do believe that we need health care reform. I do believe that we as a government have a duty to help those who are in need but who cannot help themselves.

Why did you become a Republican?

Because of their strong pro-life stance. That alone.

(Weird question about "curry favor with your constituents" -- isn't that what elected officials are supposed to do?)


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