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On Aug. 29, 2009, I had my photo taken. Zack Smith, chronicling the faces at Carrollton Station that evening, set up a makeshift photobooth — a "portrait lightbox," as he called it, and framed two shots: one normal, the other "whatever." Smith, a noted photographer, educator and drummer for Rotary Downs, wanted to document the faces of the post-Katrina revival of local music. The three bands that played that night (Smiley with a Knife, Big Rock Candy Mountain, Caddywhompus) are post-K creations — band members are either lifelong citizens, collegiate stakeholders, or out-of-towners-turned full-blooded New Orleans romantics.

The faces make their Smith-shot debut at NOIR Fest III, 10 p.m. this Saturday at Blue Nile. Here's how Smith explains the project:

One projection will be showing all of the 1st shots, and the 2nd projector will be showing the 2nd style of shots. Each set of images will be on a dissolved loop so that each face melds into the other as we go along. Psychedelic? Yes. Transformative? Yes."

Here's Gambit's rundown of the musical portion of the evening:

The New Orleans Indie Rock Collective added Ruston, La., folkies Giant Cloud and Lafayette's GIVERS to the second night of its annual showcase. Fresh from a string of tour dates with Dirty Projectors, the GIVERS send rainbow waves of shining Afro-beat, sing-along psychedelics and colorful dance-pop. Hurray for the Riff Raff and Loren Murrell also perform. Tickets $6. Weekend passes $9.

The two-day music showcase kicks off 10 p.m. Friday at One Eyed Jacks with MyNameIsJohnMichael, Gamma Ringo, Vox & the Hound and One Man Machine, who returns to New Orleans (along with tourmate and Orleanian compatriot Silent Cinema) after spreading the New Orleans gospel on an East Coast tour.

Note: Homeboy above? Not me.

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