Women of Class SA&PC Second Line Parade Sunday, November 15, 2009 12-4pm




Start: Foxx III Lounge, 3801 Washington Avenue. Out Rocheblade St. to Toleadano St. Left on Toledano to S. Claiborne Ave. Right on Claiborne.

Stop: Jazzy Daiquiri Shop. Out Louisiana to Louisiana and Carondelet.

Stop: L Reuxs. Out Carondelet to Washington Ave. Left turn on Washington.

Stop: Purple Rain. Down Washington to LaSalle. Right turn on LaSalle to Jackson Ave. Turn left on Jackson. Down Jackson to S. Claiborne and Jackson.

Stop: Sing Ladies. Up Jackson to Second. Down Second to Second and Galvez.

Stop: Jolynetts in memory of Dianne ?Cheeky Black? Williams and Chiquita Patrece Tate R.I.P. and Toast to the King and Queen. Out Second. Left on Galvez St. Down Galvez to Toledano. Right on Toledano. Down Toledano.

Disband: Stanley U

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