Word of advice: If you’re gonna let someone hitch on to the tail of your star, you better assess whether or not they can steal your shine cause that’s just what happened to Sudan when the Versatile Ladies of Style took to the streets. Sudan is the headliner of this annual parade but the hot pieces that came with em BROUGHT THE GAME! Tangerine color pop, everything jiggled the way its supposed to, pants and jacket tailored to accentuate their robust behinds (ALWAYS the right move), immaculate nails, flawless eyebrow game. And apparently one of them has a main gay in her life who works the MAC counter like the back rent is due cause those ladies had shellack jobs that didn’t budge for nobody. When the sweat beads arrived, they stepped around the face and went to the back of the neck - even perspiration knew who the boss was! In fact, I didn’t see a sweat stain darken those satin tops the entire day. For this reason alone, I refrained from feeling irritated with several of them for dancing in the streets in their stocking feet - something my Aunt Thelma woulda pulled a switch off a tree for. That’s right up there with having dirty drawers on when the ambulance comes.

I went back a couple of times just to check on the other two sections where Sudan was rolling but it was more outta obligation - like when your grandmomma is sick and you’re supposed to be visiting her but the party of the year is happening down the street and you’re running back and forth trying to do the most at both. Rebirth and the New Birth brass bands were blowing strong but somehow the Free Agents had all the fire with them. I’m telling you, its all on account of the Versatile Ladies and that mojo they were working - they held back sweat with a mere cast of side-eye, shape-shifted scrubs into musical masters, made mortal men buckjump and kiss the sky...

Ladies with aspirations of giving great second line, take note: THIS is how parade day is done.

Oh yes - and here's Sudan. They might wanna consider bringing The Rigid Women of Mediocrity to next year's parade. Right?

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