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SAINTS SAINTS SAINTS: WWL-TV's Bradley Handwerger takes a look at what the national media are saying about the 6-0 New Orleans Saints.

BAD LIEUTENANT...GOOD MOVIE?: CinemaBlend reviews Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, which recently screened at the New Orleans Film Festival:

Though the New Orleans film community is rapidly growing, the crowd at the screening seemed uniformly bemused at Cage’s balls-to-the-wall performance, and appreciative that the movie managed to capture New Orleans as a mysterious, colorful, violent place… without a single shot in the French Quarter. There were no shadowy saloons, no gaudy voodoo queens—Cage is the burlesque here. The audience proudly bore witness to how each element of their town—its locations, its actors, its own myth—were used to bring out his performance, all too happy to provide the scenery for him to chew on.

Elsewhere, CinemaBlend shoots down rumors that the movie is going straight to DVD; it'll have a "limited release" before coming to your TV in Feb. 2010.

PUT ANOTHER CANDLE ON THE SLOT MACHINE: Harrah's New Orleans turns 10.

ALL BARK: The Canadian Press looks at the controversy over street barkers in the French Quarter:

On Tuesday night Ashley Roy, a 19-year-old college student dressed in shorts and a snug sweater, stood mindfully on the threshold of Jester Mardi Gras Daiquiris hawking a tray of shots with names like "Buck You Up," and "Sex on the Beach."

"The cops said I can't sell shots on the street anymore," Roy said. "I don't know why. But it hasn't really hurt my business. A lot of guys still come over and buy."

("Buck" You Up?)

ANNE OF PALM SPRINGS: Former New Orleanian Anne Rice talks to Good Morning America about her latest book, and why she hasn't been back to NOLA since Hurricane Katrina.

AND FINALLY: There's some sort of kerfuffle in Chicago over Mike Ditka and whether or not he endorsed a GOP Senate candidate. Not that we care, but buried in the kerfuffle was this nugget:

Ditka doesn't buy that junk. He was a major Sarah Palin supporter during her run with presidential candidate John McCain in 2008.

Palin/Ditka 2012! Who's with me?!?!


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