Universal health care vs. socialized medicine! Woot?


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All in on President Obama's public option? Sold that Tyren Scott is a pinko-planted secret agent from some commie-training scout troupe? Today at 4:30 p.m., bring the appropriate sign to Lee Circle, where the Louisiana division of Organizing For America (OFA), an offshoot of the Democratic National Committee, is holding its local "Time to Deliver" health insurance reform rally. Since the beginning of June, the centralized lobby has staged nearly 20,000 such events in all 50 states. Its argument for the proposed health care legislation is based on three stated principles: "It will provide stability and security to those who have insurance, more quality, affordable choices to those who don't, and reign (sp) in the skyrocketing cost of health care for families, businesses and government." (First draft, revised begrudgingly: "Why do people hate universal health care and they're supposed to love universal health care and universal health care is love?")


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