Single Ladies - Buckjump Edition



Yes, I’m behind on my parade reports again. So until I can get the rest of the Prince of Whales second line videos processed, I’m giving you this clip to tie you over. As you know, I am always on the lookout for that FIYAH! so you can imagine when I saw this second line sidewalk eruption, my spirit leapt out of my body and dragged my ass over to check out the members of the Single Ladies SA&PC doing the damn thing!  As a matter of fact, when you watch them it better be from the WORSHIP POSITION cause they are doing everything right and must be praised accordingly.

Listen to the guy challenging them talking ‘bout “BRING YA GAME!!” - and then watch the Single Ladies proceed to shut his show down like he was on the set of TBS with a freshly delivered pink slip.  If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: DO NOT try and handle a sista from New Orleans.  They will grab the closest thing in their reach and commence to proving to you that they are not the ones.  A sista from New Orleans can simultaneously buckjump, run the admin department, stuff a tray of bell peppers, check on her momma, slap a trick, stab her man, and march into your neighborhood bar wearing Payless patent leather stilettos that even Satan’s handmaidens would hiss at and win the annual p-pop championship award you told everybody was gonna be yours this year.  Destruction!!! You've been warned...

Then of course there’s brother man with those “COLE COLE HEINEKENS”, a second line staple. And that’s The Stooges Brass Band you hear doing their thing. Side dish: lately they’ve been beefing with Rebirth Brass Band, challenging them to battles at second lines and whatnot. Young lions trying to claim a bigger territory from the old cats is the natural course of things I guess. So while they’re in the making big power moves mode, can I submit a name change request? They’ve got talent, fire, something sexy for everyone - short, tall, red, brown, big, slender, fade, locks... But ‘The Stooges’??? So what happens... You tell your friend, “I hooked up with one of the Stooges last night and girl he tore it down!” That does not sound jealousy-inducing at all. Sounds like if she’s a good friend, she’s calling the rest of your girls to stage an intervention. Might be time to consider something a little more grown and sexy fellas is all I’m saying...

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