"Why do people hate you and they're supposed to love you and God is love?"



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When he woke up today, 9-year-old Tyren Scott of Paulina, La., knew he was going to President Barack Obama's town hall meeting in New Orleans. He didn't know he would be meeting the president, nor that he would be going home a celebrity of sorts.

Tyren, a fourth-grader at Paulina Elementary School, came to the town hall with his mother Lisa, who had requested tickets from Rep. Charlie Melancon's office; Melancon had passed the request on to the White House, which granted the Scotts two tickets.

When Obama called on Tyren to ask the last question of the day, the boy's question temporarily silenced the crowd:

"Why do people hate you and they're supposed to love you and God is love?"

Obama handled the question deftly. "Well, first of all, I did get elected President, and not everybody hates me," he told Tyren. "If you're watching TV lately, everyone seems mad all the time. Some of it's just what's called politics. One party wins, the other party feels it needs to poke you to keep you on your toes. You shouldn't take it too seriously. People are worried about their own lives, losing jobs, health care, homes, and feeling frustrated. When you're President of the United States you've got to deal with all of that."

Gambit asked Tyren what he thought of Obama's answer. "It made me feel good about what he said," Tyren told us. "And he gave me the right answer."

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