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Can't tell your Viognier from your vodka or your Bogle from your Bloody Mary?   There is one wine-soaked event that will teach you everything you need to know -  as long as you are willing to work for it.  Once a year Gambit's Reds, Whites & Blues wine tasting brings together 150 different wines (and other beverages) in a bluesy event at the Pavilion of the Two Sisters at City Park.  This is a teach-yourself evening where you stroll around the beautiful room, chat with friends, listen to The Harry Mayronne Trio and Leah Chase and nibble on goodies from, among others, Besh Steakhouse, St. James Cheese and Cafe Degas.

The best part?  There is a raffle to win 150 bottles of wine.  Trust me (my best friend won last year) that is a LOT of wine.  It might even get you thru this holiday season.

New Orleans has no shortage of ways to imbibe - but 150 different drinks at one event...and the chance to win a bunch too?  This is a must-do.  Bring friends.  Bring co-workers.  Bring visitors.  Bring a designated driver.

Thursday October 15


City Park Pavilion of the Two Sisters


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