New Orleans Film Fest



Monday's highlight in the New Orleans Film Fest is the clumsily named but well-done, funny and smart film Easier With Practice. In the film, Davy, a young slacker-turned-aspiring-writer, is on an extended shoestring book tour. He's published a collection of short stories and is reading to small audiences in cluttered bookstores and on college campuses throughout New Mexico. His brother is along for the ride, and the two of them end up drinking with coeds after readings and crashing in cheap motels. One night, Davy gets a random call while his brother is out buying beer. Nicole, the lonely voice on the other end of the line, wants phone sex, and Davy is only too happy to play along. Happy enough to share his cell phone, the beginning of a digital-age virtual relationship. It doesn't come as a surprise that as soon as the brothers finish the book tour and return home, Davy meets a real live woman, who's very interested in him. The would-be writer has to choose between her and the mysterious Nicole, who is mostly a figment of his rich imagination. Easier With Practice screens at Prytania Theatre at 7:30 p.m.

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