For one hot, humid and sleepy October Tuesday, New Orleans and its unyielding concert schedule goes from the New York City facsimile it's been since the first day of fall back to the NOLA it was during summer: hot, humid and sleepy. The past two weeks have been a near historic stretch for Crescent City nightlife watchers, with 16 top pop and rock tours breezing through town. The twin highlights, as expected, both belonged to Tipitina's, which hosted its two biggest gigs in years: Phoenix's sleek show of streamlined French singles backed by coordinated, blinding strips of flashing light on Thursday; and the feel-good follow-up double feature of Andrew Bird's plucky fiddle and UFO whistle paired with St. Vincent's, well, everything on Saturday. (After witnessing the adorable pixie shred a six-string like Eddie Van Halen, Annie Clark's 2007 album title — Marry Me — seems a cruel tease.)

Enjoy this breather, concertgoers, because like the unseasonable heat, it won't last. On back-to-back nights this week, the authors of two more of the year's best albums pay a visit. Wednesday brings Baltimore electro-maestro Dan Deacon and his Bromst tour to New Orleans for the second time in '09, this time to the Big Top, which admittedly lacks the sheer lawless feeling of a strobe-lit dance party in Tulane's Freeman Auditorium at night, but whose cramped floor plan should suit Deacon's musical setup and flailing fans just fine. On Thursday, San Diego's Wavves crashes into the Howlin' Wolf, fresh off some spanking-new drama. (Bad-press magnet Nathan Williams allegedly assaulted the Black Lips' bassist outside a club in Williamsburg last month; read Gambit's musical praise and rap-sheet recounting here.) And that's all leading up to another stellar weekend in a month and season full of them. This one belongs to One Eyed Jacks, which has the heckle-proof Brooklynites A Place to Bury Strangers on Friday and Rain Machine, Kyp Malone's TV on the Radio side project, on Saturday. New Yorkleans: The city where care never sleeps?

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