Furious Five reporting for Gangsta Duty!



I know it’s Friday and YMO’s parade happened way last Sunday and I’m just now filing this report but you wouldn’t believe the work week I had. Don’t roll your eyes at me – I might start bawling my eyes out or boozing or hooking up with inappropriate men (and I’m trying to save all that for Saturday night) Besides, what I have to show you withstands the test of time: 25 guys looking like Triggaman coming to give you more hell than you can stand! YES!

Behold, the ‘Furious Five’ Fifth Division of the Young Men Olympian Jr. Benevolent Association Social Aid and Pleasure Club (pant! pant!) I’ve watched this video like 50 times and that was after I stood there in person filming it and each time I watch it I STILL don’t know whether to feel skerred, fascinated, aroused, angry or in what order. They’re kinda scary - like clown-scary. And sexy. Sexy masked gangstas dancing through the fog on a hot summer day. THIS is why I pay high taxes for nothing and put up with incompetence at City Hall and booooolsh$tazz politicians. Name me one city anyplace else in the world where you can get this? That’s right, you can’t. So just suck it up and learn to lean on the mighty power of the Church of the Second Line. Sunday service starts at 1pm.

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