Wednesday afternoon news dump: Media edition


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• More daily papers are making the move to $1 single-copy weekday prices (the latest being the Atlanta Journal-Constitution). The vast majority, however, are sticking with 50 and 75 cents as their sweet spot.

• Stephen Maloney of New Orleans CityBusiness breaks my favorite story of the day: SDT trash magnate Sidney Torres will be filming his own reality show pilot for the cable network TLC, and it'll be taped as Sidney & Co. pick up all the debris during the Voodoo Music Experience.

Happy 84th birthday to The Louisiana Weekly.

• WWL-TV has come to a settlement with the city over the mayor's emails and calendar pursuant to the state's public records law.

Chris Paul and Lil Wayne shot hoops together in New York, says MTV.

Jeff Adelson of The Times-Picayune has one of the most poker-faced sentences in the history of journalism in today's story "Parents say bus driver has bad attitude":

Polk said his daughter was upset because D'Antoni had singled her out and "made fun of her" on the bus, tearing up a hat she had been given as part of her pre-kindergarten class at Abney Elementary School.

"I told him I was going to rip off both his legs and then beat him with them," said Polk, who added that he did not raise his voice as he spoke to the driver.

Blind item: Which local TV news operation saw two more on-air personalities leave the building this week -- one for the West Coast and one for Lake Charles?


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