Home Alone


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WYES broadcasts another installment of POV tonight (9 p.m. Tuesday). The segment features three short documentaries, one of which is about teenagers who returned to the city without their families after Hurricane Katrina to finish their high school education among friends. In So the Wind Won't Blow It Away, filmmaker Annie Waldman focuses on three students who returned to O. Perry Walker High School. Since they all lived alone, they gravitated towards the school and their relationships with friends and teachers, making them a sort of surrogate extended family. They show remarkable resilience and determination coping with the isolation of living alone during the city's efforts to rebuild. Also running is the film Bronx Princess, a 37 minute documentary about an immigrant teenager who grows up in New York City with her mother but moves to Ghana to be with her father and encounters a vastly different and much more traditional and restrictive culture than her Bronx home.

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