My Minx Manicure from Mariposa Salon & Spa

The newest nail color trend sweeping the nation has finally arrived. Mariposa Salon & Spa (American Can Building, 3700 Orleans Ave., 484-0440) is the first and currently the only salon and spa to offer Minx Nails in New Orleans. Worn by the likes of Victoria Beckham, Liv Tyler, Beyonce, Rihanna and Heidi Klum, Minx is an overlay made of a flexible film that is applied to the nail kind of like a sticker. With Minx, you can skip the drying time, fumes, chipping, smudging and harsh chemicals typically associated with liquid nail polish.

Since I am currently obsessed with nail color, I had to try Minx for myself. When I arrived at Mariposa, manicurist Ashley Harris showed me the entire selection of Minx designs. The collection has something for everyone including classic reds and pinks for the conservative to zebra, paisley, plaid, tweed and polka dot designs for those that like to stand out from the crowd. You can mix designs and colors. One cool new trend is to have all fingers in one color and have a different color/design on the pinkies or thumbs. I opted for zebra pinkies, houndstooth thumbs with silver on the other 6 fingers.

My nails were prepped and manicured just like any other manicure, but the difference was instead of applying polish, Harris peeled the Minx overlay off a sheet, heated the Minx appliqué under the Minx heat lamp and applied on top of my lightly buffed nail. After all the fingers on one hand were complete, she filed the excess with the Minx crystal nail file. That’s it. No top coats, no dryers. The entire manicure took less than an hour and I absolutely adore my Minx manicure.

Visit the official Minx Nails website to browse the selection of designs and colors. When you call Mariposa to schedule your appointment, ask if the design of your choice is in stock. If you make your appointment at least a week in advance, Mariposa can order the Minx design you are craving and it can be in the salon by the time of your appointment. Minx manicures are $40 and pedicures are $60 at Mariposa Salon & Spa and are performed by trained Minx specialists Ashley Harris and Tina Kong.

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