Still In The Loop



One of the near casualties of the closing of Landmark's Canal Place Cinema is In The Loop, which was set to open there on Sept. 7. Instead, it's playing at the Prytania Theater this weekend (matinees at 2:30 p.m Sat. & Sun) courtesy of the New Orleans Film Fest.

British comedian Armando Iannucci's film is viciously fast paced and wickedly funny. It follows bureaucrats and low level assistants in both London and Washington D.C. as they all jockey and backstab for little bits of prestige and prominence. A longer preview is here.

Legislating is like making sausage, in that one probably doesn't want to see how the process actually works. In this case, diplomacy works much the same way. Iannucci's satire uses the most inane moments of personal vanity and mishaps to advance the U.S. and Britain toward war in the Middle East. It's also a reference to the buildup to the Iraq war, as clearly bogus intelligence is manipulated and ultimately endorsed by various players in order to outmaneuver each other.

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