R.I.P. Peekers -- we hardly knew ye



Static Television confirms what had been whispered all week: Shreveport rockers the Peekers, who just released their debut album, Life In the Air, in April on New Orleans imprint Park the Van, have decided to hang it up after one pressing. The LP doesn't quite capture the unbridled energy of the band's live show, on glorious display at several well-attended gigs here over the past few months. Fans of those drunken hoedowns can recapture the magic one last time at an as-yet-unannounced farewell concert during the Voodoo Fest weekend (Oct. 30-Nov. 1). In the meantime, here are two videos of the band in action: the first an amusing documentary produced by Static's Wesley Swinnen about its first trip to South By Southwest in Austin, Texas; the second an intimate performance by husband-and-wife singers John Martin and Brittney Maddox, the latter of whom performed an entrancing, under-her-breath acoustic set at AllWays Lounge last month under the moniker Songbird. An editorial aside: more Ms. Maddox, please.

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