How Glenn Beck celebrated 9/11



By bashing New Orleans on his radio show, of course:

On Sept. 11, 2009, he produced what may be his most confusing, conjecture-filled tirade yet. This time, he has somehow “connected” the dots, tying community organization ACORN, an international employees union, the City of New Orleans and former Obama green jobs director Van Jones into the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

After spinning this web of “wouldn’t it be convenient,” Beck suggests that he’s “not going to get into the conspiracy,” then in one run-on sentence ties ACORN, SEIU, Van Jones and the City of New Orleans into being somehow, quite inexplicably responsible for the failure of the levees.

“They knew the whole time,” said Beck. “How do I know that? Because I knew it a year before … That’s weeeeeird.”

His guest agreed. She added: “It’s almost like you’re a local, Glenn!”

“It doesn’t take a genius!” he laughed. “I just, I just go to New Orleans for the hookers.”

crazy mofo
Stay classy, Glenn. Happy 9/11.

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