Sorry to Plagiarize, But We Didn't Mean It


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According to a story in Editor & Publisher, the Hartford Courant has admitted to plagiarizing content from its competitors. The Courant's CEO, President and Publisher, Richard Graziano, wrote a mea culpa, apologizing to readers for its wrongdoing. Check out this money quote from Graziano:

In short, after an extensive internal review, we have determined that over the last several weeks The Courant plagiarized the work of some of our competitors. This was not our intent, but it is in fact what happened.

It does raise a few questions: wasn't anyone reading the paper? Shouldn't one of the Courant's editors have noticed that stories were appearing on the paper's Web site that none of its reporters were working on? And just how "extensive" of a review do you have to make to find this out? As E&P points out, Chris Powell, managing editor for the The Journal Inquirer in Manchester, Conn., sent a letter to Graziano last week to complain that the Courant had been, "misappropriating on a wholesale basis local stories published in The Journal Inquirer," since lat July.


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