Surrey's Café Plans Second Location


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Surrey's Café and Juice Bar is a great place for breakfast, a glass of fresh-squeezed juice and some strong coffee. But if you've ever visited the Lower Garden District café on a weekend, you already know it's not a great place to linger, read the paper or crack open a lap top. Demand for tables is too great, and the staff does its best to keep them turning.

But owner Greg Surrey plans to have another option when he opens his new Surrey's La Playa, a café and juice bar on the edge of Central City at 1200 Carondelet St. It's the address of La Rouge Café, a corner coffee shop that opened a few years back but never really seemed to have its act together.

Surrey's La Playa will be more of a coffee shop than the original Surrey's, with many more coffee drinks along with its juice menu.

"The idea is to get people who want to grab something on their way  to work, or on lunch break, or the people who want to stay and do some of their work there," says Surrey.

The cafe will also serve bagels and pastries in the morning and a short lunch menu with an emphasis on salads and vegetarian fare that doesn't require much of a kitchen setup. Surrey says eventually he may add more plate lunch specials as the place gets rolling.

The build-out is nearly finished, and Surrey plans to open within the next few weeks.

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