Newest New Orleanian: Sandra Bullock



Real Estalker has the deets on Sandra Bullock’s new digs in the Garden District. Situated on the corner of Seventh and Coliseum streets, the 6,600-square-foot Koch-Mays House cost the film actress and Warren Easton benefactor $2.3 million. Allow us to be the first to say, welcome to the neighborhood, Ms. Bullock! Some helpful tips: Those white SUVs prowling around after dark aren't prowlers, they're rent-a-cops — the GDSD, or Garden District Security District. (We have no idea why two of the letters in its four-letter acronym stand for "district.") A fringe benefit of that hefty price tag is that you just moved four blocks away from the best gelateria this side of the Atlantic, La Divina. (Try the mint stracciatella.) And if you ever need to borrow a cup of sugar, the kindly folks walking their purebreds at dusk with Riedel crystal in hand will be happy to help. (If you ever need a cup of something stronger, John Goodman’s and Nic Cage’s places are only a short stumble away.)

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