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The hated, debated and celebrated online music 'zine Pitchfork unveiled its top 500 tracks of the decade (now brought to you by Haagen-Dasz!) last week.

The list is a goofy, mainstream pop- and hip-hop- friendly mess, but it's not a horrible assessment. It left quite a few scratching their heads (LCD Soundsystem in the top 20 — twice? Kelly Clarkson breaching the top 25?), but New Orleans talent appears on the list at least five times — with one certain frog-like hip-hop prince in the top 100. Lil Wayne's "A Milli" took the No. 80 spot, which, according to P-Fork, "sounds like a random four-minute excerpt from a freestyle that could've gone for hours, Wayne chasing tangents until they become catchphrases. What's a goon to a goblin? Nobody even knows what that means..." Exactly.

Wayne also appears in the 344 spot with "Hustler Musik," and at 433 with DJ Khaled, T.I., Akon, Rick Ross, Fat Joe and Wayne's sort of other half, Birdman, for the track "We Takin' Over."

Mystikal, the 12th Ward rapper who plead guilty to sexual battery and extortion in 2003, makes an appearance at 303 with "Shake Ya Ass" — more popularly known at high school dances and basketball games as "Shake It Fast." Baby, aka Birdman, also appears on the list, clocking in at 264 for "What Happened to That Boy?"

You can listen to the tracks for free by signing up for a no-questions-asked Lala account.


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