Monday morning news dump



THE 4th ANNIVERSARY COVERAGE COMMENCETH: USA Today on the effort to reform, repair and rebuild New Orleans' school system.

As the song says about New York, if they can fix schools here, they can fix them anywhere. It is too soon to tell whether they can, but at least New Orleans is teaching the nation a few things about what it takes to try.

TOWN HALL: Sen. Mary Landrieu holds a health-care town hall this Thursday in Reserve, La.

CARTOONIST GETS INK: A.D.: After the Deluge, Josh Neufeld's graphic novel about the days after the federal flood, gets respectful reviews in The New York Times (link) and the Los Angeles Times (link). Read Gambit's interview with Neufeld here.

TULANE GETS BIG $ GRANT: The university's Museum of Natural History gets $1.1M from the National Science Foundation as part of the economic stimulus.

HOW THE RICH FOLKS DO IT: Imagine Krewe of Barkus ... held in the Hamptons. It happened this weekend as the enclave of the rich and famous held their inaugural "Fido Festival." Barkus could kick their butts on costumes and originality, frankly, but on hand to add a bit of true New Orleans flavor was the Hot 8 Brass Band.


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