Punk don't pay the bills. So says Les Turdz, the band once fronted by Brian Thicksten (aka Brian Turd), who was murdered in the Irish Channel last November. The band's MySpace page kindly asks for donations to help posthumously release the band's (and Brian's) material, which proved to carry a reputation for the kind of rowdy, guttural fun one should expect at a punk show. What else would you expect from songs like "Beer is My Co-pilot" and "Jail House Girl"? Same goes for Brian's other band, Dem Nassty Habits, playfully (and loudly) spinning Johnny Thunders' "Born Too Loose" into "Born on Toulouse."

Brian's murder set off a string of benefit and memorial concerts, and Dan Fox's In Memoriam piece in Antigravity last December was filled with friends' loving remembrances of a life Brian's could expect:

Paul Artigues, the drummer for Die Rotzz, remembered that night with me at Turd’s vigil and had this to say about it: “He’s the sweetest, most caring person to ever take a picture and make fun of a Japanese guy taking a shit.” Turd’s death has unleashed an infinite string of stories about him, proof of a life well lived. Joe Pestilence sums it all up well when he writes, “Any night out with him was sure to unravel into a psychotic joyride of exposed body parts, broken glass, abused substance abusers and the occasional night in jail, dark eyes dilated as if they were all pupils the entire time.”

Both bands join forces tomorrow night (10 p.m. at Saturn Bar) in an effort to raise the chunk of change necessary to help put out a record of Brian's material. Bands like these tend to come and go in New Orleans — one need only to look at a recent project, dial the clock back a few years and realize there were bands in-between that may have been lost in the shuffle without a record to their name. Having that tangible, physical document of a band is the best legacy you can ask for in chronicling the lasting New Orleans punk rock universe, despite its sad losses.

Concrete Shoes and Coffin Bound also perform. Admission is $5.

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