Monday afternoon news dump



THE MEDIA'S LOVELY CORPSE: Readers Digest files for Chapter 11.

OCTO-WHO?: Woman in Tunisia pregnant with 12 babies.

ROUGH ALL OVER: Ted Nugent fired from his job as opinion columnist at a paper in Waco, Tex. An editor explains why.

IF JESUS CALLS: Rep. Michelle Bachman says she'll run for president if the Lord tells her to.

NO SOCIAL MEDIA FOR YOU: The SEC says you can't Twitter or Facebook during one of their games if you're there in person. Good look with that.

YOU ARE OLD: The 20th anniversary edition of Nirvana's first album comes out later this year.

• ...and finally: 5 plot points left hanging at the end of last night's premiere of Mad Men. Great episode for local actor Bryan Batt. Did you watch?

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