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• Sen. David Vitter says evidence supporting climate change is often "ridiculous pseudo-science garbage."

The Times-Picayune's Brett Anderson bestows the paper's highest rating -- five beans -- on Scott Boswell's restaurant Stella! (Even The New York Times takes note.) But comes writer Poppy Z. Brite to roil the waters; Brite, whose partner Chris DeBarr operates The Green Goddess in the French Quarter, Twitters "If Stella! is a 5-bean restaurant, I am Emeril."

• It's the 40th anniversary of Woodstock. Paul Krassner remembers it fondly, sorta, and the Wall Street Journal says the music wasn't all that.

• Democrat Charlie Melancon is said to be breaking against the Obama health care plan, while GOPer Anh "Joseph" Cao is said to be "leaning" toward it. Cao sounded plenty skeptical about it at the town hall I attended last night, but a call to his D.C. office confirmed that he is indeed "leaning" toward approval, as long as the final bill has strong language prohibiting the use of federal funds for abortion. The Hyde Amendment already outlawed that, way back in 1976, but what do we know.

• The bigger (and completely unreported) takeaway from the town hall was that Cao is on the fence over whether the Federal Reserve should be abolished:

One man traced many of America’s current ills back to the Federal Reserve, and asked if Cao would be willing to abolish the Fed. Cao said he’d have to study it. (This was the point where the crowd began to groan. “Just answer yes or no,” said one man.)

• U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano will be in New Orleans on Monday. Hey, Secretary Napolitano, it's been seven months and we haven't seen your boss down here...

• And we'll leave you with the wit of Bill Maher:

I don't want a regular guy running the country. We tried that for eight years and New Orleans still smells like mildew.

(Mad Men Season 3 on Sunday! Reviews here and here.)


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