Thursday noon-ish news dump



Brad Pitt, who is not eligible to run for mayor, is indeed not doing so. This startling development occupied a great deal of time on the Today show this morning. Also not running for mayor: Trent Reznor, the cast of Desperate Housewives and the Progressive Insurance girl with the big tricked-out name tag ...

• Guitar legend Les Paul has died at 94 ...

• Rep. Anh "Joseph" Cao is holding the first of four local town hall meetings on health care tonight. The deets:

Irish Channel Christian Fellowship

819 First Street

New Orleans, LA

7-8 pm

• A new "eco-friendly lesbian travel company" plans to set sail from New Orleans in November on a carbon-neutral luxury cruise. Gambit environmental reporter Alex Woodward had just one word for this development: "Awesome."

• ... and speaking of several of these things, here's how the Newark Star-Ledger headlined the Brad Pitt non-story. must be kicking itself not to have thought of it first:


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