• Ignore those two things out in the Atlantic.

Alan Levine, head of the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals, announces new pediatric day care health facilities. Despite the fact that they'll be paid for by Medicaid funds (!) and licensed by the state (!!!), people seem to think this is a good idea, not a Communist plot to euthanize Louisiana children. Yet.

Rick Santorum in 2012? Mmmmmaybe.

Jeff Crouere on ABC26 News, July 31, 2009:

This week, a source within the New Orleans Police Department confided to me that Police Chief Warren Riley will resign his post within the next few weeks and begin a campaign for Mayor of the city. Qualifying for candidates is in early December and the election is in early February 2010, only six months away.

Riley on WDSU-TV last night:

After weeks of public speculation and, perhaps, some private contemplation, New Orleans Police Superintendent Warren Riley told WDSU Tuesday he will not run for mayor -- not now, not ever....

"I do not plan to run for mayor. I've never, ever planned to run for mayor," he said. "I have absolutely no interest in that position."

Who ya gonna believe?

• NOLAFugees asks: Whatever became of Roger Wilson, architect of "Broadway South"?

Mad Men starts in four days. Star Jon Hamm was on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien last night, and gave this print interview to The Onion. Meanwhile, today's gratuitous photograph of the show's Christina Hendricks:


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