• We're in the thick of the 10th annual National Farmers Market Week (Aug. 2-8). Click here for a near comprehensive list of Louisiana farmers markets, from full-on outdoor markets to roadside, back-of-the-truck stands. Check Gambit listings for weekly and New Orleans area markets.
  • Also on food: Circle Food 4 Thought is rallying supporters for a campaign to reopen the Circle Food Store (1522 St. Bernard Ave.) tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. The campaign seeks to reopen the store and provide a locally owned grocery co-op in an area slim on healthy food options and markets. Shuttered since Hurricane Katrina, Circle Food Store first opened in 1919 as a farmers market and later became the first African-American owned grocery in the city. The last campaign event, Bring Back Circle Day in 2007, drew more than 1,000 supporters to its parking lot. The event features a farmers market, live music and performance artists, marathon postcard-writing and petition-signing to state leaders to help fund a reopening, and dozens of other festival-appropriate activities.

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