Filling the void of an atypical lack of worthy summer blockbusters, The Prytania Theatre wraps up its Summer Classic Movie series in a couple short weeks — catch the remaining noontime runs of My Fair Lady (Aug. 2-5) and Some Like It Hot (Aug. 9-12).

But beginning this Friday and Saturday, the curtain at the oldest single-screen theater in the state stays up past its usual bedtime. The Midnight Movie series kicks off with Stanley Kubrick's reliably frightening The Shining, followed by short, weekends-only runs of The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Aug. 7-8), A Clockwork Orange (Aug. 14-15), Pee Wee's Big Adventure (Aug. 21-22) and Evil Dead II (Aug. 28-29).

Last Sunday's show of North By Northwest left not an empty seat in the house, and the audience was treated to proprietor Rene Brunet's Hitchcock factoids before singing the Looney Tunes theme, ending with something along the lines of, "Will someone start this thing so I can shut up?" Perhaps Mr. Brunet will give us a "Here's Johnny!" or perform the "Tequila" dance for these afterhours screenings. There might even be a chance of coffee and cookies in the lobby. I'd think these crowds would be more along the lines of pizza and beer, though. (Let me dream, Internet. Let me dream.)

As a mere Gambit toddler, I haven't had the luxury of seeing these films, some my all-time favorites, on the big screen and in the grandness and aspect ratio they were meant for. I'll be anticipating Danny Elfman's Pee Wee score in fully realized, digital surround sound, for starters.

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