This is where we're supposed to pat ourselves on the back about the awards we won at Saturday night's Press Club of New Orleans dinner (and, okay, we can do that after the jump), but first a totally subjective recap, filtered through far too much free white wine:

• CNN's Kyra Phillips is actually very funny when she's not on the anchor desk, and she got the crowd roaring when she started cursing from the podium.

• Can WWL's Rob Nelson just be the permanent MC? He had the crowd choking with the kind of jokes that would inspire apoplexy on the WWL Morning News. His previously unspoken gay relationship with Gov. Bobby Jindal, his cracks about Eric Paulsen's hair color ... Nelson was the unholy spawn of Bill Maher and Kathy Griffin.

• Quote from unnamed TV personality: "Yeah, we're the Jew table tonight. Jews in the house!"

• Quote from extremely funny, sardonic bartender at Harrah's when a guest turned down another drink: "Lightweight."

• The tributes to retiring local legends Walt Philbin of The Times-Picayune and Dan Milham of WDSU-TV were genuinely touching and reminded us why we were there, and to what we could all aspire.

• Also heartening to see so many staffers from the Loyola Maroon, who are the future of whatever is going to become of journalism. (Note from us old folks, though: Come after our jobs and we'll cut you.)

• When we got on Twitter and started filing joke reports about fistfights over the trophies and a Mackel brothers knife fight, some people actually took them seriously. Sorry, but ... come on.

Gambit's editorial cartoonist, Greg Peters, accepted his 6th first-place award for his comic Suspect Device. That's worthy of above-the-fold mention.

• Serious note: Unlike the Washington Press Club Correspondents' Dinner, we don't mix it up with the people on whom we're reporting. The minute that local politicos are invited to this little dog-and-pony show is the minute we pull out of the event. This is just a chance for us to get together, engage in some mutual back-slapping, and have a dram (or two) of cooking sherry.

And now, below the fold -- the list of Gambit winners, placers and show-ers, as well as some awful iPhone photos from the ad hoc afterparty at Cafe Adelaide:

Honorable mention, General News

David Winkler-Schmit ("What's in Their Wallets?")

1st place, Feature

Alison Fensterstock ("Gone Daddy Gone")

Honorable mention, Feature

Kevin Allman ("Tim's Place")

1st place, Entertainment

Alison Fensterstock ("Sissy Rappers")

1st and 2nd places, Editorial

Editorial board ("Our Feckless Mayor"; "Vitter Must Resign")

2nd place, Critical Review

Ian McNulty ("Gautreau's")

Honorable mention, Column

Clancy DuBos

1st place, Editorial Cartoon

Greg Peters ("Suspect Device")

1st place, Headline

Editorial staff ("Bahn Appetit")

Honorable mention, Layout/Design

Britt Benoit ("Label Makers")

Honorable mention, Best Sports Blog

Alejandro de los Rios & Jonathan Bachman, www.blogofneworleans.com


Char Randi

Char Thian of the Ritz-Carlton with Randi Rousseau, new 4 pm anchor at WDSU, demonstrating that Lovely Women Come in Various Heights.

Greg Rob

Press Club honchos Greg Shepperd of WDSU and Rob Nelson of WWL. Both nice guys who are probably writing letters of apology to Harrah's based on our conduct.


Zurik Mackel

Lee Zurik and Travers Mackel having a disagreement over Investigative Reporting Alpha Male.

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