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Eric Boehlert examines how Alaska bloggers watchdogged (soon to be former) Gov. Sarah Palin. Sounds like Juneau and Anchorage have a blogging community as active and engaged as we do here in New Orleans.

• Marigny/Bywater guy-around-town Jonno d'Addario interviews Dan Cameron about the prospect of Prospect.2, the city's 2010 art biennial.

Edna Gundersen of USA Today writes a lovely profile of local music legend Cosimo Matassa (complete with photo of Cosimo in front of Matassa's Market in the French Quarter).

• Most-of-the-time New Orleans resident Harry Shearer is in London, wondering why the British newspaper industry seems so robust while its American counterpart is so anemic. (Confidential: Harry, you can do your part by not writing for Arianna any more.)

• And speaking of Satan's Botoxed Handmaiden, Exploitress of Writers: Michelle Haimoff, a blogger for the Huffington Post, ventures forth with a plan that would allow Arianna Huffington to actually pay the people who make her millions. Poor Michelle, though, has to slobber all over the boss' ring before mewing her piteous proposal:

People are willing to write for The Huffington Post for free. I'm one of them. It's great exposure, the tone is unapologetically opinionated and if you've ever met Arianna Huffington you've noticed that she exudes a kind of warmth and authenticity that is rare for people at her level in the media world. But not only are people willing to write for Arianna for free, she is also willing to let us write for her for free, something an old guard institution like the New York Times won't even consider.

Yet as brilliant of a strategy as hiring legions of unpaid writers is, there is a catch....

"[S]he is also willing to let us write for her for free"?!?!?! Does Satan's Botoxed Handmaiden magnanimously allow you to clean her house for free, too? Run, Michelle! Get thee to a deprogramming center stat!


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