Journalists and restaurateurs alike know the magic of Simone Rathle, the publicist who represents many high-end restaurants, resorts and chefs -- particularly John Besh, whose ubiquity in the food media world is due in no small part to Simone's tenacity.

But we just didn't know how magical Simone really was until we saw this press release she'd sent us reprinted verbatim at nola.com as an actual news article, with a magical byline indicating it had been written by a Times-Picayune staffer. Magic!

Simone press release

Of course, there were tipoffs; the T-P's real food writers -- the talented Brett Anderson and Todd A. Price -- aren't likely to spin a restaurant opening delay as an "unexpected advantage," nor are they likely to cobble together a sentence like "The bumps and hurdles known all too well to anyone ever involved in the renovation of a 75 year plus old building have extended the anticipated opening with a silver lining for the trattoria-style Italian restaurant."

"Que sera, sera! Whatever will be, will be..." Magic! MAGIC!

(EDITED TO ADD: And now, two hours later, it's gone. Even more magic!)

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