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Or, rather, don't, unless you want a copy of Harry Potter and the Horribly Compromised, Infected Computer:

Harry Potter's latest cinematic adventure is already breaking box-office records, as the boy wizard encounters murder, betrayal and heartbreak at a theater near you. But a very different danger is plaguing his fans in cyberspace — where hackers are using the blockbuster to cast a spell on computers worldwide.

"It's definitely the most targeted film that we've seen," explained Michael Greene, VP of Product Strategy at PC Tools, whose virus fighters have been hard at work battling "Harry Potter hackers" over the last few weeks. "This is pretty scary stuff."

It seems that HP fans are being told to click links to download some sort of viewing player to watch the movie on their computers. What they get instead is an infected computer:

The Potter virus is categorized as crimeware, which searches your computer for credit card or bank information, Greene said. "[The hackers] will collect credit card details, social security numbers. Then they'll turn around and sell that to another group, a 'carding operation' they call it, and these guys will buy blank credit cards from a third group; they'll put them together, print out the credit cards and then sell physical credit cards with your numbers on the street."

The lesson, Greene explained, is a basic one: If you want to see "Half-Blood Prince," pay 10 bucks and get yourself to a movie theater.

More on the virus threat here.

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