City Business readers are doing just swell, thank you



The Great Recedepression of 2009 might be chewing up many of us, but readers of New Orleans CityBusiness seem to be rolling in clover -- clover as in four-leaf hundred-dollar bills. In the publication's daily newsletter this afternoon, the paper published the results of a poll asking "How is the economy affecting your vacation plans this summer?"

Gambit posed a similar question a couple of weeks back, and this is what our readership had to say (obviously in between mouthfuls of ramen and cat food):

• 9% - leaving the country

• 40% - leaving the city

• 9% - staycation at home

• 42% - what vacation?

Not so City Biz readers. The answer "No effect, because I am doing really well this recession" was chosen by 100% of their respondents:

City Biz

Dang, son! Any of you fellows over at City Business spare a dime? Greg? Deon? Christian? Hello??? Is this thing on ...

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