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    Make it Right foundation unveiled its latest eco-friendly designs, this time around they're also family-friendly —  duplexes designed by a group of renowned architectural design firms, including Billes Architecture (you know, that firm that selected two local college students' designs as finalists in a sustainable architecture competition).
  • Ecoblogger mommy greenest chronicled the green movement in New Orleans on her blog, finding us New Orleanians more willing to stick our green necks out than our neighbors on the West Cost. (She also hints at Hansen's Sno Bliz organic snoballs?)
  • Since I heard about this prototype lightup bake path, I'm interested in finding more affordable options. Here's a quick list of some bike light ideas — from DIY to sci-fi.
  • Success: U.S. power plant emissions dropped sharply within this last year, probably as an anticipated move should carbon regulation take effect.

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