Best of New Orleans 2009 voting now online



Gambit's annual Best of New Orleans™ survey is now online!

Ever find yourself disagreeing vehemently with a recommendation or opinion in Gambit's pages? (No? We didn't think so.) Well, Mr. or Ms. Contrarian, now's your chance to set the record straight. Vote for your favorites in a multitude of categories — everything from Best Local Publication (ahem) to Best Gentlemen's/Strip Club (or so you've heard). We've even made it easy for you to fill out as much of the survey as possible by adding a button at the bottom of each page that lets you take a break from filling out the ballot and finish it later. Ballots must be completed by Aug. 3, and winners will appear in the Aug. 25 issue of Gambit.

You must answer at least 75 questions in order for your votes to be counted, though your opinion is important to us and we want you to answer as many questions as you can. Each person may fill out one ballot only (yes, we can tell).

So go here to get started, and remember: the best thing about voting online? No hanging chads.

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