City Council counsel: Public records requestors need to pony up the $



Hot off the press release presses:

New Orleans, LA - June 23, 2009 - Today, the City Council's legal counsel filed a motion in Orleans Civil District Court asking that public records requestors specify the types of email documents requested; that citizens' private information be protected; and that the records requestors, not the public, pay the fees and costs associated with the review of 2.5 million pages of emails.

The motion addresses public records requests made by a variety of media outlets and one private citizen.

The motion references the delivery to the City Council from the City Attorney of approximately 440,000 emails comprising over 2 million pages; the vague, overbroad and burdensome requests; and the time-consuming and costly review of documents by Legal Counsel, Forensic Software Analysts and Councilmembers.

According to Legal Counsel Steven Lane, the motion asks the Court to limit the scope and define the areas of public records inquiries; protect citizens' privacy; and/or, as provided under the Louisiana Public Records Act, have public records requestors pay the fees and costs incurred to process the requested documents.

"The Council's concern is the taxpayer. Councilmembers want to avoid placing the burden of the costs and fees associated with the review of over 440,000 emails on citizens when there are critical infrastructure, health, public safety and economic development needs in the City of New Orleans," Lane said.

Sounds like the ball's in your court, One Private Citizen -Tracie Washington....

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