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Matt Gone, former New Orleans resident (and worker at Coop's Place in the Quarter) is profiled today on the cover of Portland, Ore.'s Willamette Week. Gone, who is tattooed over 98 percent of his body, will have his corpus featured prominently in the Portland Art Museum's new exhibit, Marking Portland: The Art of Tattoo. From the interview:

Why’d you decide to come to Portland?

This was the place to go with a facial tattoo.


Friends, portrayal in the media, gut feeling. This would be the place that has face tattoos, ’cause my boss wouldn’t let me get them in New Orleans. I thought Portland would be the place I’d have more success in getting a new job and having some kind of life with facial tattoos. My employer supports them; he doesn’t care.

I know facial tattoos are probably an impediment to career advancement at Whitney Bank, but ... Coop's? Really?


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