Memories of the Roosevelt Hotel?



Noah Bonaparte Pais' wonderful cover story this week about the rebirth of the Roosevelt Hotel seems to have stirred up a lot of memories for locals (and check out his extended interview with David Cuthbert, who practically grew up there, Eloise-style).

The other night I was in a United Cab and the driver spun me a great story about taking his first formal date to the Roosevelt's Blue Room to see Dean Martin. "It cost $26, which was a fortune for me," he said. "But I thought I was really hot stuff!"

On our Facebook page, Katy Moran shared:

Ah, yes, the Blue Room! Jimmy and I rarely missed a Saturday night there during the '60s. After dinner at Moran's we'd take a pile of friends there to dance to Leon Kelner, later to Dick Stabile, then read about our antics in Tommy Griffin's column the next week. Especially memorable acts were Jerry Vale, Sergio Franchi, Sonny and Cher (we fed them at Moran's when they first began), Tony Martin (always with Cyd)....

I figure some of y'all probably have memories of the Roosevelt, the Blue Room, the Sazerac Bar, the angel-hair lobby -- why not share 'em here? We'd love to read them.

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