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For your convenience, here is a current list of local independent music offered for free:

  • A long out-of-print 2005 release from one of the heaviest, loudest bands in New Orleans, King Ghidorah. Also check out some other free downloads or free streaming releases from the Backporch Revolution label, like synthpop duo Buttons and psychedelic instrumentalists Chef Menteur and Geisterfahrer.
  • Sign up for free unlimited downloads from Community Records artists. The local label features a ton of up-and-coming punk rock outfits, both locally and nationally.
  • Park the Van's Generationals offer its most persistent earworm-worthy Con Law.
  • From the New Orleans Indie Rock Collective and its endlessly incestuous hodge-podge of pop perfectionists: a new release from Big Rock Candy Mountain (and a not-so-new one, too), Caddywhompus' brilliant EPs, and MyNameIsJohnMichael's comprehensive, pre-album-release 2008 song experiment (52 songs in 52 weeks).
  • On the One Eye Records front, find tracks from Thou's catalog; The Ghostwood's Development, a new classic, in its entirety; and a few other mp3s lying around. Visit the accompanying music blog for more.

Am I done? For now. Round Two some other time, perhaps. You're welcome. (Feel free to add links as you find them in the comments section.)

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