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    It's World Environment Day! The United Nations designated Omaha as the U.S. hub, but don't feel left out if you're not Nebraskan.
  • Economist Jeffrey Sachs is making the rounds to tell us that investing in nuclear energy and carbon sequestration programs is inevitable to avoid global environmental apocalypse.
  • Speaking of apocalypse, here's a trailer for The Age of Stupid, a conceptual documentary/creative nonfictional drama (partly shot in New Orleans) narrated by Pete Postlethwaite from the future... after the world destroys itself. (Supposed to have had a May release in the U.S., but no local screenings yet, at least that I'm aware of):





  • Good news: Yesterday, the Louisiana Senate Natural Resources Committee approved HCR93, a move for the creation of a climate change policy committee in Louisiana. Also this week, Louisiana Senate approved SB92, which would expand eligibility requirements for solar tax credits. Go us!
  • Want to see global CO2 emissions, births and deaths occurring in real time (sort of)? Then look no further than this interactive map. The Breathing Earth map is equally alarming (look at those numbers at the bottom right go up, up, up) and fascinating. Individually, we are insignificant, infinitesimal. As a group, we're a destructive warpath.

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