Very few of the Huffington Post’s stories contain any original reporting. Not surprising, but is it as little as 6 percent? According to Simon Owens, an online journalist and blogger, that’s the percentage of original reporting, or at least it was for yesterday’s front-page edition of the Huffington Post.  Granted, Owens did set his own parameters for what constituted original reporting, but, as he points out, “I marked the bar for entry as low as I possibly could.”

     This isn’t the first time Owens has written about some of the Huffington Post’s shortcomings. In May, Owens reported on the questionable medical expertise of the Web site’s wellness editor, Patricia Fitzgerald and the site’s loose fact checking of stories in its health section. On the Huffington Post site, Fitzgerald’s name is listed as “Dr. Patricia Fitzgerald.” The wellness editor is not a physician, but is, according to her bio, “ (a) licensed acupuncturist, certified clinical nutritionist, and a homeopath,” and has received a “Master’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and a doctorate in homeopathic medicine.”

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