Now opening for Miley Cyrus at the New Orleans Arena....



Earlier today we Twittered:

Who would be good opening act for Miley Cyrus at N.O. Arena? Morning 40 Federation? C-Murder? La. Philharmonic Orchestra? Your ideas...

A few of your suggestions:

@Suezeta: How about the Imagination Movers? LOL

@BasinStRecords: Theresa Andersson would be a great opening act for Miley Cyrus at the New Orleans Arena.

@urbanbydesign: where's silk the shocker nowadays?

@jrupert: R Kelly?

@gregp1134: soilent green

@flamingatheist: Geto Boys, Bushwick Bill and Miley can do a duet. And Houston is close enough for them to make the trip.

@jojosev: the question is, why is Miley playing at the NO Arena, when so many talented musicians are playing small venues and starving

All good suggestions. Any more? Plácido Domingo? The ghost of G.G. Allin? Let's get

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