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Summer's here, and you know what that means: pants-wetting terror every time there's a cloud in the Gulf new summer interns at Gambit! They're bright, they're young and they're looking forward to the limitless possibilities ahead in the completely healthy, not-at-all troubled world of print journalism! And what better way to do that than to learn how to check listings and other mundane office tasks? Lucky them! Lucky us! Welcome! Pull up a cube and join us!

They'll also be posting on Blog of New Orleans and Gambit's Twitter feed (we hope) with some fresh viewpoints -- check out new intern Briana Prevost's profile of The Dirty Bourbon River Show elsewhere on the blog -- and maybe even collecting some bylines along the way.

But what of our former interns, you ask? Bryan Davis just graduated magna cum laude from Tulane (we like to think we had something to do with that) and will soon be taking over the world in flip-flops. And the stylish Kyla Boutte has been bumped up to contributor to our monthly fashion magazine, CUE, entitling her to the usual Gambit perks: a car and driver, wardrobe allowance, open credit line at Galatoire's her own part-time cube and a modest stipend. (Be sure to check out Kyla's own personal fashion blog, Mane and Chic.)

So welcome one and all; we're glad to have you. Coffee's in the kitchen; if you finish a pot, please make a new one. And sorry about the pay thing, but at least we're not charging you to intern here, like Satan's own Botoxed handmaiden, Arianna Huffington, who recently auctioned off a $13,000 opportunity to be an unpaid intern for The Huffington Post. We're not that evil.



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