The Tracy Morgan Effect



With Tracy Morgan coming to town — he’s the MC of this weekend’s Domino Effect concert, profiled in the current issue of Gambit — it seemed like the right time to dust off his YouTube highlight reel, which plays out like Gretzky or Jordan in their primes. Besides the SNL and 30 Rock segments, it includes a string of ridiculous ESPN video game commercials (undiscovered gems in the diamond mine that is Morgan’s comedy career; see above), obscure standup performances and an even more absurd series of live talk show appearances, several of which are reputed to have occurred under the influence of alcohol. (Though I must side with YouTube commenter mporto82, who, in response to a video titled "Tracy Morgan wasted on David Letterman," astutely notes, “My god.. every tracy video is the same deal around here.. he's not wasted!!!”) Asked whether his role in the Domino Effect would be scripted, producer Dave Rosen replied, “Script and other. Hopefully there will be no meltdowns. He’s been clean and sober now for over a year.” Um, damn? More Morgan gold after the jump:

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